Business Consultancy

Technologies offers a range of innovative solutions and suggestions in the field of business management, based on the broad experience of its experts and consultants in guidance. It has provided a number of projects and research for governmental and semi-governmental institutions within and outside the UAE all under scientific and practical consideration in the field of evaluation of projects, feasibility study projects and sustainability.

Technologies has consulted in various work fields such as in the fields of major investment projects suchlike Fish Farming, Water Park City or small projects such as Sports Clubs, Health Resorts and other youth projects in the UAE.

Our services in this field:

  • Study the pre-project plans
  • Study and development of project plans and implementation (strategic plans – operational)
  • Feasibility study of projects
  • Follow-up and evaluation of the performance of employees and the overall performance of the institution
  • Provide innovative solutions to corporate and corporate crises
  • Study and analyses performance indicators provide the vision and mission and set smart goals for the institutions

Last Two Years Achievement

  • Development and assessment of Humaid Bin Rashid Al- Nuaimi charity foundation 2017-2018 Ajman
  • Program Analysis, Evaluation and Studies/ Al-Tufail Sports center and GYM Al-Riyadh- KSA
  • Prepare Specialized feasibility studies for multiple emerging and existing private projects/ /Dubai Fishermen Co Operative Association