What We Do

  • Conferences and Exhibitions
  • Events



  • Planning
  • Conference committee setup
  • Intended participants
  • Marketing (marketing strategy)
  • Speakers
  • Hotel
  • Media & printing

On The Day

  • Conference on site registration
  • Computerized, develop software to ease registration 34- terminals
  • Translation booths
  • Others


  • Full report
  • Book & certificates
  • WordPress
  • Others
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  • Evaluate the current and future challenges to employee engagement
  • Performance management in the organization and recommend actions to address identified gaps and other challenges
  • Understand the key terminology of Human Resource Management and be competent to design effective human resource management strategies and policies
  • Design effective technological systems for Human Resource department
  • Deal with staff learning challenges and competency development
  • Evaluate and design effective tools for performance appraisal and assessments