Social Courses

  • Strategies in solving marital problems
  • Secrets of success in practical life
  • Taste and the art of tact and etiquette
  • Social Relations
  • Disadvantages of my personality and evaluation
  • The art of dealing between the school and the student
  • The art of dealing with others
  • The art of dealing with reviewers
  • The art of balancing chastity and emotion
  • How to become a social distinct
  • How to develop your life skills
  • Methodology of change and renewal


  • Create ideas for emerging projects to achieve their strategic objectives
  • Providing financial and feasibility studies for emerging and existing projects
  • Providing highly qualified consultants that enable us to give clear results to the success of the project
  • Evaluate the project and provide the consultation group both at the level of planning and strategic implementation of the project
  • Others