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Technologies is the pioneer Android App Development Company in Dubai that has been serving the market since the year 1998. Our expert Android App Developers are the most hired due to their experience, diverse skills, and dedication. If you’re looking for an Android App Development Agency that can give you phenomenal growth and high visibility amongst the competitors then give us a call.

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For years, we have been transforming the digital landscape with our Android app development service. With our updated technology, accurate app testing, and exceptional Android app developers, we have remained successful in maintaining our reputation across the market.

Get the Best Quality Android App Development Service To Build Your Business App

Dominate the digital battlefield with a cutting-edge Android app built by our forward-thinking Android App developers in Dubai. We actively integrate the latest technology trends, leaving outdated approaches in the dust. Our comprehensive suite of Android app development services is designed to deliver:

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Types of Android Apps Our Android App Development Company in Dubai Make

Just say it and we’ll make it. Here are the types of Android Apps our developers are expert at making:

Hire Top-Rated Android Mobile App Developers In Dubai & UAE

Our mobile app developers are loved by everyone in the industry. Why? Because of their expertise, innovation, and creative mindset. Our elite team crafts technically innovative apps, proven to boost profits by 52%. We cater, we innovate, we deliver excellence. Hire a Mobile App Developer in Dubai from us and see your business profits roaring.

Our Custom Android App Development Process

Ready to transform your app concept into reality? We've outlined a detailed roadmap to success, accompanied by expert guidance at each stage:
Turn your app idea into reality with expert validation. Technologies, Dubai's top app development company, offers in-depth research and competitor analysis to create a winning business plan for your app.​
Strategic Planning
Strategy first, success guaranteed. Once your app idea gets finalized and approved, our team of expert developers will brainstorm about how they will make the app and come up with the best strategy to build it.​
Design Excellence
Now, it’s time to design the app. From Dubai startups to enterprises, we make elegant UI/UX for the best mobile experiences. Grow your business with intuitive apps designed for users, not just screens or robots.​
Development Expertise
Once the design is done, it now time for the developers to do their magic! Whether you want Native, hybrid, web, or any other, Technologies is there. Expert developers will use the latest tech for exceptional results.​
Prototype Refinement
Now build, launch, and grow. We will make flawless apps, ensure Play Store visibility, and offer 24/7 post-launch support. But we will not stop here. Once the app is done we will show you the prototype and move to testing.​
Testing & Quality Assurance
Bugs beware! Extreme testing paves the way for a successful app launch. Once the prototype is done, we do rigorous testing against the set standards to see whether the app meets our requirements or not & then move to delivery.​
Once the app passes all the testing requirements, we decide to deliver it to you. But it does not stop here even. If you want app maintenance and upgrade services then you can schedule another consultation with us & we’ll happily do it.​

Why Choose Technologies For Custom Android App Development Services

Just say it and we’ll make it. Here are the types of Android Apps our developers are expert at making:

Technologically Updated

Our Android applications are built upon updated technology and innovation. Each aspect of our tailored Android apps undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with technological benchmarks.

Customized Apps

With advancements in technology, our Android app development company remains well-equipped. Consequently, the majority of new app concepts originate from our team of skilled developers.

In-house team

In contrast to other Android app development firms, our team of developers operates within our company, fostering strong connectivity and harmony among team members This helps us in timely delivery.

App Testing

Using our enhanced app testing systems, you can have your app thoroughly examined by our experts to identify and address any potential bugs or viruses that could impede your future endeavors.


Our primary focus lies in developing user-friendly apps that increase engagement. This approach can significantly boost your organization's return on investment (ROI) and profitability.


Instead of manipulating clients, we maintain transparent communication by providing regular updates throughout the Android app development process, ensuring they are informed about the status of their app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to build an Android mobile app in Dubai?

The expenses associated with mobile app development in Dubai typically span from AED 20,000 to AED 40,000. The actual cost is contingent upon the specific features requested by the client, which only the mobile app development company in Dubai can accurately determine. Additionally, the overall cost may fluctuate depending on whether the app is hybrid or native.

What is the cost of hiring an Android app developer in Dubai?


The cost of hiring an app developer depends on various factors such as qualifications, location, experience, project complexity, and chosen technology stack. In Dubai, the average cost to hire an app developer is $50 per hour. However, industry statistics suggest that the basic cost for app development typically ranges from $30,000 to USD 700,000 when engaging a developer from a mobile app development company in Dubai. It’s worth noting that individual developers or freelancers may have different pricing structures.

How much time does it take to develop an Android app in Dubai?


The timeframe for constructing a mobile app is contingent upon the project’s functionality and complexity. As more features are incorporated, both the cost and duration of the project tend to increase. A reputable mobile app development company, such as ours, can expedite the development process. Generally, the development timeline for a mobile app ranges from 1 to 12 months:

  • Minor App Project: 1 to 2 weeks
  • Midsize App Project: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Large-Scale App Project: 4 to 12 months