10 Best Medical Apps in UAE

May 22, 2024
10 Best Medical Apps in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has embraced the digital transformation of healthcare, with medical apps emerging as powerful tools for individuals to manage their well-being. The top medical apps in the UAE offer a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower users to take control of their health. With these medical apps in UAE, users can conveniently schedule appointments with qualified doctors, receive personalized health recommendations based on their medical history and lifestyle, and easily find nearby healthcare providers based on their location. These medical apps in UAE also provide valuable tools for monitoring sleep patterns, tracking vitals, and gaining insights into overall well-being.

By using these innovative medical apps, UAE residents can enjoy a more convenient, proactive, and personalized approach to healthcare. They can make informed decisions about their health, access medical services efficiently, and take charge of their well-being, leading to improved health outcomes and a higher quality of life.

To help you get access to the best medical apps in UAE, here’s a list that we have compiled just for you.


DubaiCare app is a UAE-based healthcare benefits platform Dubai Insurance offers, empowers members with a convenient, all-in-one solution.  Through the app, members can enjoy features like easy registration, submitting and tracking claims, finding nearby providers, secure health information storage, network claim access, instant E-card generation, second opinion services, basic health check-ups, wellness programs, and multilingual medical staff support.  Additionally, the app facilitates authorization request tracking, dependent benefit access for policyholders, and 24/7 call center support.  Available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store, the DubaiCare app empowers users to take charge of their healthcare needs.

  • Downloads: 50K+ on Play Store
  • Rating on App Store: No ratings
  • Rating on Google Play: 3.1
  • App Size: 27 MB

Lumi By Nextcare

Lumi is a mobile app developed by Nextcare, a leading healthcare management company in the UAE. The app is designed to conveniently help Nextcare’s insured members manage their healthcare needs. It provides a centralized hub for managing insurance, accessing health information, connecting with doctors, and navigating the healthcare system. Key features include a digital insurance card, AI-powered symptom checker, telehealth services, healthcare provider search and appointment booking, and simplified claims handling. Available in both English and Arabic, Lumi reflects Nextcare’s commitment to leveraging technology to empower members and enhance their healthcare experience.

  • Downloads: 1M+ on Play Store
  • Rating on App Store: 3.7
  • Rating on Google Play: 4.2
  • App Size: 88 MB

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The UAE’s myNAS app, designed specifically for NAS cardholders, offers a one-stop shop for managing their health insurance. Users can search for in-network medical facilities, pharmacies, and doctors, all while accessing policy information, promotions, and even booking appointments directly through the app. Additionally, the app streamlines claim submissions, allowing users to track their history and approvals for added convenience. myNAS empowers NAS cardholders by centralizing key health insurance features, making it a valuable tool for managing their healthcare needs in the UAE.

  • Downloads: 500K+ on Play Store
  • Rating on App Store: No ratings or reviews
  • Rating on Google Play: 3.9
  • App Size: 28 MB

Burjeel Holdings

In the UAE, the Burjeel Holdings app offers a one-stop solution for managing healthcare across its network of facilities, including Burjeel, Medeor, Lifecare, LLH, and Tajmeel. This comprehensive mobile app simplifies healthcare by allowing users to book appointments, access medical records, manage medications, explore health resources, find doctors, and gain personalized health insights.  Furthermore, the app provides features like prescription storage, medication reminders, and notifications for important health information and upcoming appointments, making it a convenient tool for UAE residents to manage their healthcare needs effectively.

  • Downloads: 50K+ on Play Store
  • Rating on App Store: No ratings or reviews
  • Rating on Google Play: 3.4
  • App Size: 29 MB


The UAE’s myAster app, offered by leading healthcare provider Aster DM Healthcare, empowers patients with a comprehensive digital healthcare platform.  This user-friendly app caters to evolving medical needs by allowing users to book and manage both in-clinic and video consultations with doctors.  Additionally, the app facilitates appointment scheduling, rescheduling, and management, along with access to scans, lab reports, and personal health records for individuals and families.  Patients can search for doctors by specialty, location, language, and gender, ensuring a convenient and personalized experience. Beyond doctor consultations, the app provides access to a wide range of health, wellness, and beauty products delivered directly to your doorstep. 

  • Downloads: 500K+ on Play Store
  • Rating on App Store: 4.5
  • Rating on Google Play: 4.4
  • App Size: 44 MB

My Mediclinic 24×7

Designed for convenient healthcare management in the UAE, the MyMediclinic 24×7 app by Mediclinic Middle East caters to patients across their network of hospitals and clinics. This comprehensive app empowers users to view doctor profiles and search by specialty, location, language, insurance, and even gender to find the perfect fit. also, you can schedule in-person or video appointments with ease and directly manage or reschedule them as needed. The app streamlines the process further by allowing document uploads, appointment management, and even secure online payments. MyMediclinic 24×7 strives to simplify healthcare access in the UAE with its user-friendly features and connection to Mediclinic’s extensive provider network. 

  • Downloads: 100K+ on Play Store
  • Rating on App Store: No ratings
  • Rating on Google Play: 2.3
  • App Size: 36 MB

Primehealth ME

In line with the UAE’s vision for a world-class healthcare system, Prime Healthcare Group offers the Primehealth ME app, a mobile hub designed to simplify managing your health. This user-friendly app provides patients with 24/7 access to their medical history, lab results, prescriptions, and doctor profiles.  It even helps you navigate to nearby branches and sets reminders for appointments, medications, and even your children’s vaccinations.  The app also includes health tips and the ability to request appointments directly through your phone.  Available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Primehealth ME reflects Prime Healthcare Group’s commitment to innovation and a seamless patient experience.

  • Downloads: 100K+ on Play Store
  • Rating on App Store: No ratings
  • Rating on Google Play: 4.1
  • App Size: 40 MB

HMS Care

The HMS CARE app by HMS Group, a leading UAE healthcare provider, empowers patients with a mobile hub for managing their health.  This user-friendly app grants access to family medical records and visit history at HMS facilities and schedule appointments online, navigate to nearby hospitals, explore health information resources, and even discover the latest health packages offered by HMS, all within the app.  HMS CARE reflects the group’s dedication to exceptional care by providing convenient healthcare management tools at your fingertips. The app is available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store to experience the ease of managing your health with HMS.

  • Downloads: 100K+ on Play Store
  • Rating on App Store: No ratings
  • Rating on Google Play: 4.1
  • App Size: 40 MB


Launched in Dubai by Samer Masri and Keswin Suresh in 2021, DarDoc is a healthcare app transforming how patients in the UAE receive care.  This user-friendly app empowers you to access a variety of services, including newborn care, physiotherapy, at-home lab tests, and more, all from the comfort of your home.  DarDoc connects you with leading UAE healthcare providers, making quality care convenient and accessible.  It aims to make healthcare more accessible and affordable by offering on-demand care and personalized health screenings. The app has received positive feedback for its professionalism, reliability, and user-friendly interface.

  • Downloads: 10K+ on Play Store
  • Rating on App Store: No ratings
  • Rating on Google Play: 3.5
  • App Size: 106 MB

HealthPass by MedNet

HealthPass by MedNet app offers MedNet members a one-stop shop for managing their healthcare needs.  This user-friendly app allows members to submit and track claims electronically, access a network of qualified providers, view coverage details, and even book appointments directly through the app.  HealthPass by MedNet goes beyond claims by providing access to health records, lab results, and updates on the latest health packages offered by MedNet.  Available on both Google Play and Apple App stores, this app empowers members to manage their healthcare conveniently, reflecting MedNet’s commitment to quality healthcare solutions for its members in the UAE.

  • Downloads: 100K+ on Play Store
  • Rating on App Store: 2.5
  • Rating on Google Play: 2.6
  • App Size: 15 MB


The UAE’s healthcare landscape is undergoing a digital revolution, with mobile apps at the forefront. These user-friendly tools empower patients with on-demand consultations, medication reminders, doctor searches, and even access to medical records. From comprehensive health trackers to telehealth platforms and appointment schedulers, there’s an app for nearly every healthcare need.  This surge in app adoption reflects the UAE’s commitment to digital transformation and a more patient-centric approach to healthcare. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative apps to emerge, further revolutionizing the way we manage our health and well-being in the UAE.


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