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Training at Technologies

At Technologies we add value to organizations by designing and delivering the latest administrative, psychological, interpersonal and creative courses. Depending on client’s needs and wishes, we will fly leading experts in form England, South Africa and Canada. Alternatively, we can draw on local expertise from trainers who are located in UAE.

We believe that one of the secrets of our success is our strict policy of small class sizes ( no more than 20 in one class ) which we believe substantially enhances learning outcomes by boosting group interactions, recall and general productivity. 95% of our clients are local government bodies however we also assists private companies with their training requirements.


  • General Management
  • Training Management
  • Financial Management
  • Management of Information System
  • Persons Development
  • Creativity Training
  • Media Training
  • Public Relations and Protocols
  • Legal Training
  • Social Training
  • Educational Training

Our training program was first established in the Emirate of Sharjah in 2001 but has since then expanded to all of the UAE and more particularly in Dubai in 2003. Technologies has done several public training programs and in-house courses for all government offices in different working fields in management, customer services, secretary, creativity and engineering courses as well as customized courses such as environmental programs for the employees of the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Besides that, we have customized courses in the security areas of the Dubai Police, the General Abu Dhabi Police, the Ministry of Defense and General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, as well as the protection of facilities and modern inspection methods at airports as courses or seminars. Technologies can offer any requested structure for training, according to the expectations of the Government offices and according to the annual training plans from the development and management training sectors.

We have organized more than 5,000 (In-house) programs over the past 15 years and have worked with most government institutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, including Dubai Customs, Abu Dhabi/ Dubai Police General Command, Abu Dhabi -Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia, Dubai Land Department, Sharjah Islamic Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Department of Economic Development - Ajman, Department of Planning and Municipality - Ajman) In both Arabic / English languages.

One of the most remarkable work achievements of Technologies in the field of government contracts in its early stages was the "Dubai Private Custom Contract" for 4000 companies, which lasted about three years from 2002-2005 for the training of private companies (CUSTOM CLEARANCE COMPANY) for (E. mersal project) with three types of programs for the rate of 3 different courses per company.

Ever since Technologies had been awarded the Best Training Company in 2004 by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for supporting youth projects it has since then received more than 30 awards and shields from various government institutions and numerous appreciation letters and is in continuous thrive.

Technologies has contributed in promoting the higher concepts of wise leadership in Dubai and the state policy on building utterly comprehensive future generations with the concepts and published books that it presents such as the book "Flashes of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum". Wasl Foundation - Dubai 2014 which was translated and put in the form of inspirational leadership values and presented as a seminars. In addition, a number of seminars have been held on creativity and innovation along with seminars in Happiness (Dubai Custom - Dubai 2013-2016) and Shaping the Future seminar (Dubai Department of Finance 2017), and The Building Charismatic Leadership Skills seminar (the Sharjah Museum Department 2017).

All of which, it has led our company to become one of the best in field both socially and nationally to instill entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of development and the development of human resources and seminars.