psychometric test

Psychometric Test

Based on an extensively researched model, the 15FQ+ provides an in-depth assessment of the full sphere of human personality. It has been developed to ensure culture and gender fairness and has been adapted into over 20 languages.

Building on the most current research, the 15FQ+ sets new standards for reliability and validity.

What the 15FQ+ Measures The 15FQ+ measures the fundamental building blocks of personality. These provide insight into how people typically think feel and interact in ways that may be productive or counter-productive for your organisation.

For example the 15FQ+ can help identify people who:

  • Crack under pressure
  • Lack motivation and drive
  • Create conflict and discord
  • Avoid decisions
  • Are rule breakers
  • Obstruct change
  • Are careless and error prone
  • Are needy and dependent
  • Are culturally insensitive
  • Cope well with pressure
  • Are self-starters
  • Resolve disagreement
  • Are decisive and action-orientated
  • Are diligent and compliant
  • Embrace Change
  • Are attentive to detail
  • Are confident and self-assured
  • Are culturally sensitive

Job Profiling System:

Based upon the 15FQ+ Full personality profile, “Ideal Profiling” utilises a unique job profiling system to compare each delegates personality to their role profile. Question prompts are provided in order for key gaps to be explored at interview/feedback.

Tools and Methodologies – Personality Profiling

15FQ+ This 15fq+ also provides scores and brief descriptions for a variety of other personality scales. These are designed to add further useful insight into the candidate’s character and most likely work place behaviour

Team Roles

Describe how the candidate is likely to interact with his colleagues in a team situation.

Leadership Styles

Describe which of a range of leadership styles the candidate is most likely to adopt.

Subordinate Styles

Describe which of a range of subordinate styles the candidate is most likely to adopt.

Influencing Styles

Describe which of a range of influencing styles the candidate is most likely to adopt.


Provide a match between the candidate’s personality profile and those of the broad occupational groups.

Online Assessment Report Options – Examples